"Your books"

Translation:Seus livros

January 27, 2013



What is the difference between 'seus' and 'teus'?


→ Grammatically: "Seu/Sua", "Seus/Suas"(plural), is a possessive pronoun that refers to something that belongs to "ele/ela" (he/she), "eles/elas" (they). For example: "Ele pegou seu celular" (Literally: He picked up your cellphone = Meaning: He picked up his cellphone) / "Seus olhos são lindos" (your eyes are beautiful). "Seus olhos", in this case = her eyes, because you're describing one's eyes to other. And "teu/tua" is a possessive pronoun that refers to something that belongs to "tu" and "você/vocês" (you). For example: "Esta coisa é tua" (This is your thing) in this case, you're talking about his thing with him. → Colloquially: At least in Brazil, "teu/tua" "teus/tuas" are used in other contexts. Some regions such as the Northeast of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo, it's customary to use "teu/tua" as "seu/sua". In others, like São Paulo, "seu/sua" is used as a more informal/personal treatment. These forms are not the official forms of the language, but are widely used. In general, colloquially, it won't make difference. It's a useless rule since both works and nobody won't even notice. :)


"Seus" goes with "ele," "ela," and "você"--"teus" goes with "tu." You can find some good discussions about the different ways "tu" and "você" are used in Brazil and Portugal somewhere around here. :)


In Brazil, you can use both "teus" for "tu", and "seus" for "você". They would mean the same. But "teus" would let no doubts about the person.


So the "s" added on to seu here is because we are talking about the plural of book? Would the sentence change at all if we were talking about singular "your" books versus plural "your" books? As in one person's books versus multiple people's books?


The "S" in "teus" goes for the bookS.

If there were more persons, like the plural you, you could use "seus" for "vocês" and "vossos" for "vós".

In case of "seus", it would not be clear if there are more than one person.


Should "teus os livros" be correct? it was marked as wrong.



"Os teus livros" can be used, as well as "teus livros".

But not "teus os livros", not in this case.

It's possible in more elaborated sentences, like the inversion of "os livros são teus???" --> "são teus os livros???". But that would translate to "are the books yours?" (not your books)

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