"I do not mix fruit and vegetables."

Translation:Nie mieszam owoców i warzyw.

May 31, 2016

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Which case does mieszać take? Sometimes it looks like accusative, but here it is clearly genitive.


If you simply "mix something" (only one object, like soup), then it's Accusative: Mieszam zupę.

If you mix "X and Y"... it's also Accusative. Mieszam owoce i warzywa. So Genitive here is only because of the negation.

You can also mix "X with Y". That's Accusative for X and Instrumental for Y: Mieszam owoce z warzywami (and Genitive for X, Instrumental for Y in negation)


Thanks for the reply! I should have realized the genitive was just because of the negation... I guess having two objects confused me for a second :)

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