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"Kiên nhẫn thành công sẽ tìm thấy bạn."

Translation:Be patient and success will find you.

May 31, 2016



I am a little confused here. Since kien nhan and thanh cong look to be in the same form, I put "Patience and success will find you," which was accepted. I see that the translation given, though, is "Be patient and success will find you." The meanings of those sentences are entirely different, though, since in the latter case, the patience causes the success, while in the former, patience and success will come together. Is only one of these sentences correct, or is the causality just completely vague in this sentence?


This sentence is a bit vague because kiên nhẫn can be both a noun (patience) and an adjective (patient) in Vietnamese. To avoid this confusion, you can add Hãy before the sentence. Then the sentence will clearly means Be patient and success will find you.


Thank you both for the clarification and for the eloquent solution.


Does that mean the original sentence is wrong?


If it was meant to be a noun, wouldn't it have to have Sự in front of it?


'tìm thấy' was introduced as close to 'already found'. How is that consistent with this sentence?


"Patience will find you" doesn't make sense. So, "Be patient" should be the interpretation.


Why not "thành công sự"? We just did a lesson on making adjectives into nouns with "sự". Is thay entirely optional?

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