Studying one languange while teaching another one

Hi! I'm an ESL teacher and I'm at the same time using Duolingo to learn German. I find it very inconvenient that I can't do both things in the app. While I'm logged in in my account in the app I can just see my progress as a student but I have to go into the browser and log in again to check my classroom's progress. It'd be much easier if they made a switch button teacher -> student and student -> teacher. Anyone having this problem too?

5/31/2016, 6:51:45 PM


The issue is that the apps don't currently have "teacher functionality". On the website however, you will be able to easily switch without logging back in again.

Happy learning!

5/31/2016, 6:53:01 PM

That's my problem, they SHOULD have the "teacher mode"

5/31/2016, 6:54:25 PM

Ah, I misread your post. My bad. :)

That is a great idea, and I'm sure something a lot of teachers would like to see. The apps have not seen a lot of the same kindness that Duolingo for Schools web has, so hopefully something is in the works. In the mean time, i recommend discovering how the browser you use on your phone/tablet, allows you to save passwords. That way, you can save a little bit of time by not having to log in each time you need to switch.

Save passwords-Google Chrome for Mobile

Save passwords-Safari for iOS

Happy learning!

5/31/2016, 7:01:11 PM
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