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"Hoffwn i fynd i'r bore coffi."

Translation:I would like to go to the coffee morning.

May 31, 2016



Can someone explain, what a "coffee morning" is? Never heard of it before.

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This is a very common event in Welsh speaking Wales. Social organisations such as Women's groups, Church groups etc, will very often use the term 'Bore Coffi' (Coffee morning) as the title of a get-together which takes place in the morning.

There will normally be a range of hot drinks and also very likely a range of home baked foods, with Welsh cakes and 'Bara Brith' being very popular.

Bara brith (literally 'speckled bread') is a sweet bread/cake with much added dried fruit.


Thanks. That's very fascinating, learning something about the culture next to the language.

I only know as a get-together afternoon coffee (also called Vesper in parts of Germany).


It usually consists of people getting together in a tea house or pub to drink coffee and talk about things at hand. In the Welsh context, speaking and learning Welsh :)

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