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Ukrainian: U/W vs. Na?

In Ukrainian are u/w and na interchangeable or do they have different meanings? As far as I know, I think na means at/on and u/w means in, am I right or do they mean other things?

May 31, 2016



Pretty much, but here are some helpful links anyway:

Oh and please note that Ukrainian is written with the Cyrillic alphabet. I get it if you don't have a keyboard for it but I just don't want you to think it's written with the Latin alphabet as some people might


But why do you say "На вокзалі" and "На Стадіоні"?


Because you translate it as "at the stadium" or "at the station" not "in". If you wanted to say "in the stadium" it would be "у стадіоні"


Open spaces like stadiums and concerts usually use "на" and a good way to remember "На Вокзалі" (at the train station) is to not forget that trains ride "on rails." Vinnfred taught me that one!

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