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Timed Bonus Round too quick!

I find that I run out of time long before I can get through a bonus round, even on the simplest exercises, where I know all the answers.

I am not a touch-typist, but I do type reasonably quickly.

I'm not using this site to improve my typing speed, but realistically that is all the bonus rounds measure at the moment.

January 27, 2013



If I'm not mistaken, 20 words per minute was considered a pretty good typing speed. There are 20 steps to each lesson. That would allow typing an average of two words per step (I did say average: some don't require any typing, some require speaking, multiple choice, etc.) Anyway, I'm willing to bet that there are more than 40 words to type per lesson. That would make doing it in two minutes just about impossible. Even lessons I knew stone cold - no real thinking required - took me over three, more likely four minutes.

As mentioned before, running out of time doesn't really matter. But I think it would be more fun if you could get done under the time limit when you learned something well.


I would agree that the timed bonus round 2 minute time limit is too short. So far I don't think I've completed any of them within the 2 minute time frame, average for me is about 2 and a half to 3 minutes.

It's particularly difficult if you get many long sentences that can take anything up to 15-20 seconds to translate, add in the speed of the voice and having to repeat it and 2 minutes is nowhere near long enough.

However, it's not really about typing speed or how quickly you can type. It's about how fast you can translate the words in your mind. If you find it's taking too long, perhaps you need to go back and redo some of the exercises until you can translate the words instantly in your mind.

You can still complete the bonus round if you go beyond 2 minutes but only if you haven't made more than 3 mistakes.

I've given up trying to beat the 2 minutes and concentrate on accuracy and not making more than 3 mistakes, I still usually manage it within 3 minutes.

But I do agree, a 3 minute timeframe would be better than 2.


My point is that it IS about typing speed.

At the lower levels, the sentences are easy enough, that I know exactly what they are saying instantly. I don't have to take time to think about how to translate, and I don't have to repeat the audio, so for me at least the only thing it's measuring is my typing speed.

I am getting a little closer now that I know you can just his1,2,3 for multi-choice, but even then I don't seem to be able to get there in 2 minutes.


Agreed. 2 minutes is far too short for these exercises.


I agree with you. I can type quickly but 2 minutes remains too short. It does not help at all to keep in mind the words learnt.


After completing my first thirty timed rounds in more than 2 minutes, and thinking I'd never be able to achieve 2:00, I finally got 1:43, and it was in Objects, obviously due to the fact that most object tasks are to translate a noun and some article, so just two words. I type about 60 wpm in english and roughly 30 wpm in spanish, so I squeaked by, spending about 1 second thinking-without-typing per task. I don't see how anyone is ever going to get 2:00 or less in Phrasal Futures, or any but the simplest kinds of grammar-of-combinations, like "my duck" and "six classes."

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