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  5. "Eu vou colocar a mesa."

"Eu vou colocar a mesa."

Translation:I will set the table.

January 26, 2014



I would say set the table, I'm from England too, don't think I've ever said lay the table, it sounds funny to me


Thank the good lord I'm not going crazy....


I said ' lay the table', but I am English.


This is probably more common in Brazil. In Portugal, people tend to say "Eu vou pôr a mesa".


The debate about "lay" vs "set" aside (since clearly these are just regional variations so either should be fine here), why on Earth do we have "I'm going to fixe the table." as a suggested correct answer from DL?


I use fix the table all the time as a native English speaker. Meaning to get something ready (fix this/that up). Like I would say "Fix the bed" or "Fix yourself a bowl of cereal".


That's all very well and good (non-standard, certainly, but perhaps acceptable), but "fixe" isn't an English word.


Fix is commonly used in the American South.


As I've mentioned before, 'lay the table' should be an accepted answer as it is perfectly valid in British English, trust me, I have been using the phrase myself and with family and friends for 58 years!!!


It's more or less universally "set" in N America, probably more usually "lay" elsewhere but "set" would usually be understood. But DL should clearly recognize both as correct, since both are in common use and in authoritative dictionaries.


I have never encountered the word "fixe" in the English language. In which dictionary can it be found?


Is "colocar a mesa" the only way to say "put the knives and forks, etc. on the table" in Portuguese? Could one also say "arrumar a mesa"? How would you say "to put the table in the kitchen"? "Colocar a mesa na cozinha"?

[deactivated user]

    "Arrumar a mesa" is also very common, "Preparar a mesa" is also used.

    "To put the table in the kitchen" -> "Colocar a mesa na cozinha" or "Levar a mesa para a cozinha".

    Note the context, "Colocar a mesa" could mean both to put the table somewhere or to set the table.


    I saw the possible correct answers that DL gives and one was "fixe the table" It might be somewhat correct for some English people to say "fix" the table, but it used less in my part of the world. I think I have heard people say this, but "fixe" is not even in the dictionary for English.


    In English it is perfectly acceptable, and much more common, to say 'I will lay the table'.


    Billabongos, are you English, Irish or Australian (or from the Commonwealth [except Canada])? Is so, "lay the table" might be BrE.

    In AmE, I think "set the table" is more common.

    Any other native speakers care to share their opinions?


    Mike, I am English, so I think that you are right to say that I should have been more specific about my origins!


    I've never heard "lay the table" in USA. It is always "set the table".


    "lay the table" is far more common in many English speaking countries. I think probably only USA and Canada say "set the table", which sounds a bit strange.


    In Ireland, you 'set' the table, not 'lay' the table. I believe it's the same in the UK.


    We use both here in England (but clearly not in all parts, since there are English people here saying one of them sounds funny).


    In Australia at least my family has always said "set the table". I've heard "lay the table" but wouldn't've been able to guess if that was British or American. Maybe some people in Australia might even say it.


    I'm from the south, we say, set the table. Maybe even, lay out the silverware.


    Here we have another instance in which one of the answers that DL says is an acceptable translation is not accepted. I put "I am going to place the table" (and "place" is given as an acceptable translation), meaning "put" the table -- as in move it somewhere and place it in a certain spot. Not sure why this would not also be acceptable. As to "laying" the table, American English speakers would never use "lay" to "set" a table before eating a meal. "Laying" a table would make no sense to us and we would think it had something to do with folding the legs and laying the table down on the floor, or up against a wall for storage -- as in a folding table.


    Set and lay are both acceptable in english, you can also add arrange, but that would apply to just the cutlery, flowers and furniture.


    How would you say "I will move the table"?


    Eu vou mover a mesa.

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