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"She is going to chapel today."

Translation:Mae hi'n mynd i'r capel heddiw.

June 1, 2016



Why is the " 'r " necessary in this sentence? I keep getting this wrong.


When we are referring to places where we go habitually, and generally only to one of them in particular, it is the convention in Welsh that y/yr/'r is used:

  • Mae Siân yn mynd i'r gwely - to bed
  • Mae Siôn yn mynd i'r egwlys - to church
  • Dw i'n mynd i'r capel bob bore Sul - I go to chapel every Sunday morning
  • Mae'r plant yn mynd i'r ysgol - The children go to school
  • Mae Mair yn mynd i'r ymarfer côr ar nos Lun - Mair goes to choir practice on Monday evenings


That makes SO much more sense now! Thank you very much, Ibisc! :D


what is she saying for " 'r "?? sounds to me like she's saying "pollnodell"?


If you are clicking on just the 'r it will say 'collnod r' (= 'apostrophe r').


I had same issue.Why was i wrong as not asking to the Chapel.


'r has the wrong voiceover

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