"Welk merk en kleur heeft jouw auto?"

Translation:Which brand and color is your car?

2 years ago



"model" should also be correct. The model and colour of my car is a ford fiesta, space grey.

2 years ago

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  • The brand - Het merk = Ford
  • The model - Het model = Fiesta
  • The colour - De kleur = space grey
2 years ago


I worked in the U.S. auto industry (marketing) for years. Brand refers to marketing designed to sell a car to a demographic group, i.e., branding. Make refers to manufacturer, marque refers to model, e.g. BMW 5 series or Ford Escape. It seems that "merk" is a false friend to the auto industry.

1 year ago


Your car has which brand and colour? Why is this Wrong? ( same verb)

2 years ago


If I asked "Which colour and brand is your car?", would this be "Welke kleur en merk heeft jouw auto?" - i.e. welk/e agrees with the nearest noun?

1 year ago
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