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  5. "Dw i'n nabod chi."

"Dw i'n nabod chi."

Translation:I know you.

June 1, 2016



I danced with you once upon a dream...


Can this also be one or both of Dw i'n eich nabod. and Dw i'n eich nabod chi. ?


Yes---there's a good discussion here.


so chi is nominative or accusative? I expected eich here and chi for you as the subject of a sentence


No distinction between nominative and accusative pronouns in Welsh.

  • chi/ti - you (ti is informal singular)
  • eich/dy - your (dy is informal singular)

The possessive pronouns are also sometimes used for other purposes than possession in Welsh, such as in one method of constructing a passive. Some of these other patterns are introduced later in the course.


Welsh doesn't have cases.

As for using eich before the verbnoun in addition to (or instead of) chi after it, please see the comment thread that I started and the discussion that daschaich linked to in response.

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