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"Dziś jest najkrótszy dzień w roku."

Translation:Today is the shortest day of the year.

June 1, 2016



How do you say winter solstice?


przesilenie zimowe


today is the year's shortest day


Seeing this on December 21st! Weird how things work sometimes...


Damn, I'm five days early.


Funny that I am doing this exercise on Dec 23, just a couple of days after the winter solstice.


Same for me, 22nd of June, just one day after


Is "tsz" in "najkrótszy" pronounced like "cz" or like "trz"?


I'd say that it's pronounced as 'tsz' exactly... between sz and rz, it's sz that is voiceless, devoicing happens, but not voicing...


I believe the word of would work in this situation.


"of the year"? It's in the main answer.


Today's the shortest day of the year...got rejected


Today, it is the shortesr day of the year. What is wrong?


Plus the "Today, it is..." construction seems not to be the best choice as well, I'd say. "Today is..." is more natural.

I also always think that putting such an additional comma in the translation changes the sentence too much by changing emphasis.


Hmmmm, two questions...

Compare the three Polish sentences:

"Lato jest suchą porą roku."

"Sierpień jest miesiącem roku."

"Dziś jest najkrótszy dzień w roku."

  1. Why are "pora" and "miesiąc" instrumental, but "dzień" is not?

  2. Why is it "pora roku" and "miesiąc roku" for "season (of the year)" and "month of the year", but it's "dzień w roku" (day in the year), rather than "dzień roku" (day of the year)?


I don't think 2. can be too much of a surprise. Idiomatic usage of prepositions almost never matches between languages.


Ad. 1: That's because "lato" and "sierpień" are nouns, but "dziś" is an adverb. "X + jest + noun in Instrumental" can only be used if X is either a noun phrase or a personal pronoun.

To see it better, let's use "Dziś jest poniedziałek" (Today is Monday). Trying to say "Dziś jest poniedziałkiem" firstly would sound like "Today is a Monday" (ok, not sure if it's wrong in English), and secondly it would sound as if I tried to define "today" by saying that it is "a Monday". But "today" isn't really "Monday", because it's relative, today just happens to be Monday right now.

Ad. 2: "pora roku" is basically one term that translates into English "season", so this shouldn't be changed. But "miesiąc roku" and "miesiąc w roku" both sound fine to me. So do "dzień w roku" and "dzień roku". Both are accepted here.

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