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Meanings of place names...

Shwmae, bawb, sut dych chi?

When the Places units were first written I included a list of words that make up place names (such as "Caerffili" breaks down as 'caer' = fortress; Ffili = a person's name, therefore, Caerffili means the Fortress of Ffili). This goes hand-in-hand with Welsh culture and can be of particular interest to people who take interest in place names.

Somehow, they've gotten deleted, as does happen when editors update units. Is this something that people would like to see reinserted?


June 1, 2016



I would like to read it! =) Diolch, MrGWallCymraeg!


If it hold the majority of the votes, I certainly shall put it back in :)


Diolch, I hope to see it! =) I would like to be able to look at the place name meanings in more depth. ☺ And I am sure it is a very great list!


There's a comprehesive (84 elements), and interesting list of Welsh place name elements on Memrise. If you feel the need to add to the 'places' unit, longer sentences incorporating the place name or cultural element would be appreciated.


Agreed. Unfortunately we can't add more sentences until the next tree, but it's deffo something that we'll look into :) Is it this one: http://www.memrise.com/course/984094/welsh-place-name-elements/ I think that's the list I put there originally :P


It is and will make traveling throughout Wales all the more interesting. Thanks for doing it.


I would enjoy that. It would make them easier to remember I think.


Yes please! I have incredible trouble remembering which Welsh names go with which English names (probably because I don't live in the UK?), so anything to help make the connections would be great.


I would be interested, but is it possible to place this skill a little bit later in the tree ? It is quite challenging to memorize all these places at the very beginning - and it will be harder if you add a lot of other places... especially for "non UK & non English speaking" people :-/

EDIT : maybe I didn't understand your post very well... would you add the words which are used to form place names ? In any case, that would be helpful to remember them ! Thanks a lot !


Yes, it was placenames that first got me interested in learning Welsh in the first place - castell coch, coed y brenin, bryn mawr - lots of good vocabulary in there...


It would be especially good (though not essential) for some of those words to feature in sentences in the Places lesson. Maybe in the next tree! :)


I think we mention it somewhere in the course notes, but here is a good guide to Welsh in place-names - https://getoutside.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/guides/the-welsh-origins-of-place-names-in-britain/

(There are a few errors and typos in the pronunciation guide section, though, so stick with the 'Youtube Welshplus pronunciation basics' videos that we recommend.)


I'd be verry ineterested. If it's already been made, could you point me to it? Also, that thing about "Caer" reminds me of a book. In the book, which is mostly based on Welsh mythology, there was a place that they called "Caer Dalbin" which was where the main character lived.


I found the list very interesting when I read it so I'm sure others will.

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