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Shortest and Longest Courses

Hey guys! I had an idea to see how long each of Duolingo's courses for English speakers were. So here they are! I ordered them from shortest to longest. You might be surprised at the second one; I know I was. At the ending I also included my lists for courses for Spanish and Portuguese speakers. This is also my first post, by the way!

For English Speakers

  1. Esperanto-43
  2. Urkranian-51 (BETA)
  3. Spanish-61
  4. Dutch-64
  5. Irish-64
  6. Italian-66
  7. Swedish-66
  8. Polish-67
  9. Danish-69
  10. Portuguese-69
  11. Turkish-69
  12. French-78
  13. Russian-79
  14. Vietnamese-84 (BETA)
  15. Welsh-99 (BETA)
  16. Norwegian-114
  17. German-119

For Spanish Speakers

  1. English-59
  2. Catalan-63
  3. Italian-64
  4. French-68
  5. Potrtuguese-69
  6. German-72

For Portuguese Speakers

  1. English-69
  2. Spanish-64
  3. French-70
  4. German-72
June 1, 2016



An interesting table but it doesn't give the full story. It just lists the number of skills whereas a better metric would be to list them by the total number of lessons.


I thought about doing that, but it would take a lit longer. Maybe I can do that next. Either way, there are so many lessons it doesn't make a big difference, except for courses with the same number of skills.


It does make a difference as to which is the shortest—Ukrainian has fewer lessons than Esperanto.


I've just finished recording the lesson totals; hope to upload them tonight. :)


I can't speak for the other lanquages.. but Italian for English speakers has 69 units (counting the three bonus skills) and 408 total lessons. English for Italian speakers has 58 units containing 307 lessons.


Hmm, I would expect the Spanish one to be longer. And of course, the one I'm really focused on learning is the longest.


French skills contain between 2 and 10 lessons, as least in French. Your rankings might change if lessons were counted.


Ukrainian? Really? At least it's still in beta so they have an excuse XD


Thanks! I've always been curious in the length of the courses. However, as this is the number of skills some courses may actually have more lessons than others which would mean they are longer. For example, I know Esperanto has a fair amount of 8-10 lesson skills whereas other languages have a lot of under 5 lesson skills. But it is still interesting to see the amount of skills in each tree. Will be helpful when deciding future courses.


Norwegian 2.0 has 124.


I am taking the English for Spanish speakers and it has 88 skills not the 59 number listed above.


Yes... they added more units about two weeks ago.... stole my golden tree :-)


Wow. That is a huge addition - almost a 50% increase in the number of skills. Lots of new stuff to work on - you have a lot of good work to do to get that tree golden again but your english will improve a lot in doing so I am sure. I am a native english speaker and after completing the spanish tree (which I keep golden). I decided a month or so ago to do the reverse tree (spanish to english) and I do not recall there being so many skills then. So I think you must be right about them just adding a lot more. I am very glad that I am doing the reverse tree - it has a lot of things not in the 'regular' tree and is already very challenging even though I have only completed about 30 skills so far.


yea.. I have started doing the new ones.. and they seem harder than the old ones.. I think it was around 25 or so that were added.. i still have about 16 to do but they are slow going..

I try to keep my spanish, english and italian trees all gold while i work on the new lessons.. and some days it is all I can do to keep the trees gold and can't move forward.


Well, that's interesting to know that the only tree I have completed is the longest one of them all :)


The Dutch Tree 2.0 will have significantly more lessons :)

It will be A/B tested in a few months probably.


Once I did a post which included the amount of lessons from spanish as well https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23545752/Number-of-lessons-for-each-course-taught-from-Spanish .

I am trying to find an updated post which include the new languages. It seems the tendency it is to do shorter new trees.


Spanish has gotten a whole lot longer in the meantime... It currently has 108 skills and 500 lessons. And a lot (if not most) of those lessons have around 20 exercises each.


Yeah, as of today (13/10/2018) , Spanish has 113 lessons

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