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  5. "Idealna kolacja z moim mężem"

"Idealna kolacja z moim mężem"

Translation:A perfect dinner with my husband

June 1, 2016



I always get confused with "kolacja" because it reminds me of "collation" in French, which means "snack". What is the Polish word for snack?


I think 'przekąska' is the closest. kęs = a bite, so it's something small to have a bite of.

Yeah, the ę turns into ą, it happens.


...and Italian collazione which is breakfast. At least they are all food-related.


I get things wrong because I often put in the first English phrase or word that we use commonly instead of what is required. Reflex action.


We won't even broach the subject of "brunch" which is very commonly used here in the states. The language is fluid and difficult for an non native to grasp at times.


What is this form of first person possessive, "moim" and why is it used here? I guess there wasn't a lesson on that form yet


It comes after the preposition "z", so it's in the instrumental case, which is the same case as "mężem".

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