"Một muỗng đường"

Translation:A spoon of sugar

June 2, 2016

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How can I distinguish this from "a sugar spoon" ie. a spoon for serving sugar such as would be used in a sugar bowl when serving tea?

Also, while I'm posting, I think "a spoonfull of sugar" is a more natural phrase to express this idea.


Agreed... It does translate to "A spoonful of sugar" on Bing and Google. I haven't seen sugar spoons in Vietnam in all the times I've been there... maybe a native speaker could answer that question?


Not a native speaker, and just a theory, but I'm thinking this is where cai would come into play! Mot cai muong duong (excluse my lack of proper lettering) would be a sugar spoon in my mind.


Your example does indeed indicate a spoon made of sugar! To be even more explicit, you could say "Một muỗng làm bằng đường" meaning "a spoon made of sugar".

Incidentally there is also an ambiguity in the English phrase "sugar spoon" since it can refer to a spoon made of sugar as well as a spoon designated for scooping sugar. The latter would probably just be called "muỗng đường" in Vietnamese and the different meaning would rely on context, but it could be made explicit by using "muỗng để múc đường" or realistically just "muỗng múc đường".


Does it help the medicine go down?


Muỗng cà phê is a teaspoon. Not sure about sugar spoon.


Is there anywhere in the world where people say ‘a spoon of sugar’? In both the USA and England, it's ‘a spoonful of sugar’ (as in the Mary Poppins song).


I believe spoonful is what they were going for in reference to Mary Poppins (it is an accepted answer) but have it the other way to be consistent with DL grammar


Trong tiếng Việt, một muỗng/thìa đường để chỉ muỗng đang chứa đường ; không phải là tên gọi như muỗng cà phê hoặc muỗng canh. 1 muỗng cà phê muối ~ 5mg /5ml (đường ~ 12mg); 1 thìa canh muối ~ 15mg /15ml.

<h1>In Vietnamese, a spoon / teaspoon of sugar refers to a spoon containing sugar; not a name like the cafe spoons or the tablespoons. 1 teaspoon salt ~ 5mg /5ml (sugar ~ 12mg); 1 tablespoon salt ~ 15mg /15ml. So, "a spoon of sugar" is true !</h1>
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