"Piszę książkę."

Translation:I write a book.

June 2, 2016

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I write a book - not natural


Depends on the sentence. I write a book every year. I write a book once per decade.


If you add on to the sentence it becomes a reasonable thing to say, but I can't think of many circumstances where "I write a book" is a complete thought. It's grammatically correct but still weird


The feedback for this one says 'I write book'. Is 'I am writing a book' also correct?


The suggested translation I see is exactly "I am writing a book", "I write book" seems pretty incorrect to me...


"I write a book" is accepted, though it also sounds rather odd to me.


I agree "am" wasn't available for me to select though... "I write book" doesn't make sense.


"I write a book" must have been possible to create and it's correct although indeed a lot less probable than "I am writing a book".

I would take it out of the starred answer but the sentence is also a part of the English for Polish speakers course and the way those old English courses deal with Present Simple and Present Continuous is... well, imperfect. So I have to leave that answer for them because they weren't even taught Continuous at the moment when this sentence is used.


It's a perfectly legit phrase although it would usually include a time frame as a present action.

I write a book every year. I write a book per decade.


I write books, or I am writing a book. But not "I write a book." That sounds like a foreigner


I write a book every year. I write a book per decade. It's not wrong it just needs context.


On the slow pronunciation the p of pisze is missing or just inaudible


Yeah, true :/ Unfortunately, we cannot do anything about it, unless we disable the audio at all.


the sound from this whole block is terrible, like under water, can't make out the words


This really needs to be changed, even to atleast just change book to books.


książka is singular. "Books" would be piszę książek


Needs more word options, the only answer it lets me give is 'I write a book'


It's a sentence from the reverse course (EN<-PL) and I've just removed it from ours. We don't really need it.

By the way, you can always switch to manual input in order to have more options.

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