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100 Day Streak!

So technically my 100 day was two days ago but... I'm still super proud of myself. I've lost streaks around 60 days several times in the past. It was somewhat discouraging I'll admit, and add on how much I had to do in school, I often wanted to just go to bed when I got back to my dorm. So, I am super happy with that.

I can understand and speak much more German than I could 102 days ago. I know enough that I'll get the general idea of most sentences, but I still have a hard time keeping up with speech. Sentence structure is also a killer but I'm beginning to get better. I'm about half way through my tree now (I take forever. It'll probably be 100+ more days till I finish. I want to absorb as much as I can before moving on).

BUT! I did not do this all on my own. I knew I needed a commitment program, so I found one. I don't work for these guys so I don't have to endorse them, but seriously, without them I would not have got to this point. So what is this mystical place?

Beeminder! This place won't work for everyone, but if you hate to spend money and need an extra kick, check them out. As long as you meet your goal for the week (mine is 350 per week) you'll be fine. So if you don't have a streak freeze and you skip a day you'll still lose your streak, but it'll keep you coming back to make sure you meet your goal. As long as you don't derail it is free forever. There are premium packages but there is no obligation to get them (I don't have one yet, I'm thinking about it).

Most of the time I would think about Beeminder before I'd think about Duolingo. If I derail I'd have to pay $0 right now, but if I derailed again I'd have to pay $5 and it just goes up from there.

$5 is too much for my cheap, poor, college student butt so when I see I'm on an emergency day (like today, actually) I'll moan and groan a little bit that I have to do it, but it's worth it. It keeps me accountable and I get to see my progress. It creates much more short term stress, but less long term and I love it. I could say I love them a million more times and it still wouldn't be strong enough.

It's rather late where I am right now so I apologize if this is an incoherent mess of blah, but I am proud of myself, and since Beeminder is the mysterious force behind my success, I felt I should share it with the rest of you since "How do you keep such a long streak?" seems to be a common forum topic.

Best of luck to the rest of you!

June 2, 2016



Congratulations on your streak!!


Wow, that's amazing! Good job. :)


Congratulations on your streak! :)


Congratulations with your streak! Thank you for introducing such an interesting thing to me! ;) One of the best "Reached X days streak" posts ever, actually got something out of it ;)

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