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  5. "Cén seoladh atá ann?"

"Cén seoladh atá ann?"

Translation:What address is it?

June 2, 2016



Should "What address is there" be accepted?


Just about to ask the same question! GMMA @Scilling!


I'm still trying to figure out a context where you would say something like "What address is there?" in English - it sounds like gobbledygook to me.


I ran into an example of "What address is there?":

A plot of land was divided into 16 smaller plots on which houses were to be built. When some of the contractors were walking the ground after it had been surveyed, one, who was trying to orient himself, said to another "What address is there?", pointing to one of the marked out plots.


Another perhaps unusual example - in a spreadsheet of 'personal details' data, someone asks me to look in a specific field where an address is written and asks, "what address is there?"


If this also means "what address is there" (as confirmed below) can this also mean "what is address is that"? In English we can use "it" for "that" in most contexts. So what does this sentence convey exactly and how would I say "what address is that"?


@Knocksedan, if you were looking for some address, but there were no number plates on the houses. So you ask someone pointing at some house "What address is there?"


My first reaction would be to wonder what your native language is, because it's obviously not the English that I grew up with. "What address is there?" is not a natural construction for me. I would say "what is the address of that house?".


which address is his ?


cé acu seoladh a cheannsan?

There is no "which" or possessive adjective ("his") in Cén seoladh atá ann?


satharn grmma

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