Which of these would be right:

''Ils nous ont dit''


''Ils nous ont dits''?

I'm wondering because ''nous'' is an indirect object here rather than direct (I think), and likewise for a sentence like ''Je leur ai dit'' (or ''dits''? Not sure)


June 2, 2016


Ils nous ont dit. I'm sorry, I don't speak english. Bye!

Mais si, tu parles anglais ! Peut-être que tu n'en parles pas beaucoup, mais si tu t’entraînes, tu vas améliorer ton niveau.

Comme ElCoronelEsponja dit, ton anglais est bon! (Contraiment à mon français ;))

Indirect objects don't cause agreement when they come before the verb (the 'preceding indirect object'), so it is indeed "Ils nous ont dit" / "Je leur ai dit".

By the way, you know it's indirect because it's direà quelqu'un, and it's the introduction of a preposition that makes the object indirect.

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