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  5. "Bore dydd Sul"

"Bore dydd Sul"

Translation:Sunday morning

June 2, 2016



Lots of help with pronunciation here - https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13199969

Malwen's reply is spot on.


I wrote the correct translation meaning sunday morning and was told i was wrong and this has happened on more than one occasions.. Especially when I can see the words I've written matching the supposed right answer. So peeved just a bit !.


We have seen several reports of this fault recently. The answer in the database is correct and the test facility that we can use shows that the prompt and answer are both correct.

Are you using the web version of Duo or the app? Please let us know.

The app has had several recent updates including some bug fixes, so make sure that you have downloaded and installed the latest version.


I only downloaded this app 2 days ago but i am having the same problem. It is saying i am incorrect when my response matches

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Duolingo seems to have a problem with capital letters sometimes.

I've just added 3 more correct answers to the Welsh to English and 12 more correct answers to the English to Welsh, hopefully that will fix it now.


This section is so hard


In the slow version 'dydd' sounds like 'deev' to me, but in the fast one it sounds like 'deet'. What is right?


Is there a reason 'bore' sometimes is capital and sometimes isn't


No. It should not be normally capitalised unless it starts a sentence or is being used as part of a proper noun or title of some sort.

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