"I like my room, especially my bed."

Translation:Lubię mój pokój, zwłaszcza moje łóżko.

June 2, 2016

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the other true is "lubię SWÓJ pokój, SZCZEGÓLNIE moje łóżko", but here is not accepted.


You can report it.


When I was in Poland, people there explained to me that it's more common to say "podoba mi się" rather than "ja lubię" to indicate that one likes something. But I have the impression that either could be used depending on the context. My question is under what circumstances is it appropriate to use the former rather than the latter?


"podoba mi się" is mostly used for aesthetic impressions and mostly for first impressions. "lubię" is a more... general idea of 'liking' something.

"Lubię mój pokój" = I've been living in this room for months/years, I enjoy spending time here.

"Podoba mi się mój pokój" = I have just moved in to this room for the time of my vacation and I really like it, it looks great.

I guess the second option is something that we should accept as well. Added now.

Other example: "Lubię tę koszulkę" (I have had this shirt for some time and I like wearing it) vs "Podoba mi się ta koszulka" (That's a cool shirt you're wearing, is it new? / I like this t-shirt that I'm looking at in the store, I think I'm going to buy it).


That makes sense. Thank you for the explanation.


Why can't I use "specjalnie"?


That doesn't really work. Either it's an adverb from "special", or (mostly) it's an adverb meaning "on purpose". Neither is what we need here.


Does "zwłaszcza" ever inflect? Thus far, I have only seen it in its current form. Dzięki


I just fell into a rabbit hole through that link. Apparently, the word zwłaszcza was borrowed from Czech (zvlášt'), which comes from zvláštní, meaning "peculiar". "Peculiar" in English comes from latin pecūliāris, meaning "one's own/owned". Zvláštní follows similar etymology: vlastní (one's own/proper) with added prefix z-. I would never have guessed that "zwłaszcza" is so closely related to "własny" (one's own). Also, "peculiar" translates into Polish as "osobliwy", which reminded me of Russian особенно (osobienno), meaning the same as "zwłaszcza".


Just take care not to eat anything that you find in the rabbit hole...

More seriously though, although "peculiar" usually means "strange" or "odd", we occasionally use it (in the UK) with the Latin meaning which you found: for example: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_peculiar .


Lubię mój pokój, zwłaszcza łóżko


OK, faktycznie to oczywiste, że to "moje" łóżko. Dodałem.

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