Translation:Màu xanh lá cây

June 2, 2016


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I saw “màu xanh lá” as an answer of a multiple choice question.


I got the same answer as well. Perhaps the 'cay' was to identify the specific shade, and they took it out to simplify...


means leaves, cây means tree, lá cây literally means leaves of the tree. So, both xanh lá and xanh lá cây mean the colour of leaves of the tree, a.k.a. green, and there is no difference between them.


This should be in the notes then. How are we supposed to know if they don't explain?


"Green" Màu xanh lá cây /xanh lá /xanh lục /lục : là màu thứ cấp được pha trộn từ hai màu chính là vàng và xanh dương, nó có nhiều sắc độ, từ nhạt đến đậm : xanh lá chuối non, xanh rêu, xanh lá cây già.


"xanh lục" is another correct answer


why such a long word for green?


Hey, sorry for the late reply. There's such a long word because xanh can mean both blue and green (due to the fact the distinction to what a "color" is specifically is very blurred). The "lá cây" means "like leaves" to specify what kind of blue/green it is.

By the way, if you're wondering why the "Màu" part is necessary, it's because it's to specify that "xanh" is a color, rather than something else.

All of this information can be found in the "Tips & Notes Section". This is not available on mobile (though tbh I think it should be 'cause it's the only time grammar is usually explained.)


many thanks will read notes more thoroughly la cay is leaves Cool!


why do you write in your explanation: mau xanh la cay and/or: xanh

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