"Edrychwch pwy ydy hi."

Translation:Look who it is.

June 2, 2016

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I don't know what "Look who she is" means in English!


Why it cannot be Look who is she


'Look who she is' is the order of words for a statement or imperative in English. 'Look, who is she?' would be the order of words for the question.


Since this sentence is affirmative, but it includes an indirect question, I was wondering whether ydy  should be considered as a consequence of the relevant direct question (i.e. an interrogative ydy ):

Pwy ydy hi? → Edrychwch pwy ydy hi.

or as a consequence of the identification construction that uses ydy / yw :

Xxxx ydy hi. → Edrychwch pwy ydy hi.

In the latter case, could ydy  be replaced by yw ?

Xxxx yw hi. → Edrychwch pwy yw hi.


In this sentence, either of ydy/yw can be used.


If you heard a knock at the door and sent your roommate to "Look who it is," how would that differ from this sentence (or is this context applicable here?)


If a girl auditioned for a play, was assigned a character, and the character list was put up on a noticeboard, then one friend could tell another to "Look at who she is!" But that expression is very informal. // I'm not always understanding when to write "look" and when to write "look at".

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