"Take care of your body."

Translation:Dbaj o swoje ciało.

June 2, 2016

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The literal translation from English "Dbaj o swoje ciało" sounds a bit strange.
The Polish word "ciało" is used a bit differently from the English word "body".

Everybody knows and uses the popular proverbs:
W zdrowym ciele zdrowy duch - Healthy spirit in healthy body
Kochanego ciała nigdy dość - Body loved is never big enough
(common excuse for getting overweight)

Otherwise the word "ciało" is often used in reference to anatomy or dead body.

Take care of your body (and mind) - Dbaj o siebie/ Dbaj o zdrowie fizyczne
i psychiczne/ Dbaj o swój stan fizyczny i psychiczny/ Dbaj o swój organizm


Dlaczego "dbaj o twoim ciele" nie jest poprawne?


"o" takes Locative when it means "about". Here you need Accusative.

"Twoim" can be Instrumental (narzędnik) but it's not here.


Mogę być niepoprawny ale, 'Twoim' jest rodzaj narzędnik. Jak znaleźć 'o' to znaczy rodzaj dopełniacz. I też, 'ciało' jest niejakie słowo. Końcówki muszą się zgodzić.

To jest moje rozumienie.

If you want it in English let me know


Dbaj twoje ciało : Do I need to have 'Dbaj o twoje ciało'?


Yes, you need. In Polish you can only "dbać o".


why " dbaj o twojej cialo" is no correct?


"twojej" is either just a typo or a wrong form.

"Dbaj o twoje ciało" is correct, but kinda clumsy.

Whenever a form of "swój" (the possessive that always refers back to the subject of the sentence, which here is 'you') is correct, it's always the better choice. "Dbaj o swoje ciało" is the most natural phrasing, definitely.


Just "Dbaj o cialo" should also be correct... Is it less natural?


It also is accepted, although for some reason "swoje" sounds better to me here. I'm not sure why, usually we consider such possessives redundant. I guess this is just my subjective view anyway.


I somehow have the same feeling – maybe it's because taking care of someone else's body is still a probable option...


If I use the plural form dbajcie, do I also need to change ciało to ciała?


I'd say 'yes'. Which means that "Dbajcie o swoje ciało" should be removed from the accepted answers here, and plural "ciała" isn't exactly a correct translation of singular "body", so basically this sentence should only accept a singular answer.

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