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When someone corrects a correct translation

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I recently took my first foray into the Immersion section, correcting someone else's translation from the original. The sentence I wrote contained the word "meter." A few days later a third person came along and changed "meter," to "metre." Strictly speaking, I believe both are correct-the first spelling is American, the second is English.

I don't mean to be petty, but if I understand right, I get penalized when someone changes my work. I don't like to be penalized when I was right in the first place! I will probably just let this go, but for future reference, how should someone handle this situation?

This was particularly irritating because I had fixed a major error. The original translator had totally missed the meaning of the text. (He knew something was wrong, he just didn't know what.) I should have received extra credit, not a penalty!

4 years ago


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Hi dr.liz, you aren't penalized unless you are downvoted. You can see how many downvotes you have recieved on the main page of immersion. For more information about immersion etiquette refer to these fantastic posts (particularly the second):

For more information about everything Duolingo, try the "A Guide to Finding Duolingo Guides Series"(http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1278938).

4 years ago

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When I had the tier 1 I was downvoted a few times but later on the higher tiers it didn't happen anymore. It was also irritating when my "began" was changed into "started", and it is still happening but I just don't care now, oh, and "theater" and other BrE vs AmE ones.

4 years ago


Is it possible that someone did it for the sake of consistency?

4 years ago