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"Con muỗi đó của tôi, không phải của họ."

Translation:That mosquito is mine, not theirs.

June 2, 2016



We're talking about a special mutant mosquito that grants a superpower to the one it bites: being extremely annoying.


Really weird sentence, can it be a domesticated animal so it makes sense?


Sentences like these challenge our vocab knowledge. Yeah it's complete nonsense, but hey, you understood what it says right? =)


I guess this person keeps one single mosquito as a pet? Considering their lifespan, doesn't really happen in reality.


Okay, you can keep it


How do you feed them? You blood? ^^


My thought was scientists studying mosquitoes ;)


Stupid statements do not help people learn languages. It works when the translation is from known language to studied language. It creates confusion and annoyance when the translation is from studied language to known language. For example:- Imagine translating "Thursday in the new Friday" from your own language to Vietnamese. OK, it's understood and it's easy. Now imagine trying to translate the same statement from the studied language: "err.... Thursday is Friday? Well, obviously not true, so I must be wrong. I'll guess something else."

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