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"Họ đang lấy cái từ con mập?"

Translation:What are they taking from the shark?

June 2, 2016


  • pig fish = dolphin (cá heo)

  • fat fish = shark (cá mập)


whale=elephant fish (cá voi)

seal=sea dog (hải cẩu)


tabby cat=sponge gourd cat (mèo mướp). Funny, isn't it? :)


Oops. "Mướp" here doesn't mean "sponde/rag gourd" but "ragged/tattered" as in "rách mướp". Maybe people call them that because of their fur colors.


Well ragdoll cats exist…


Oh, I didn't know that. Thanks. I've been wondering about the name since I was a kid. And the best answer for my question that I could think was mèo mướp=sponde gourd cat.


You're not the only one :) I used to be confused, too.
There are many words in Vietnamese that used to be common or have a used-to-be-common meaning in the past but now people don't use them anymore. They currently appear rarely in a few compound words.

For example:

  • Núc in bếp núc
  • Búa in chợ búa (note that búa here doesn't mean "hammer")
  • in đường sá
  • Sáp in sáp nhập (note that sáp here doesn't mean "wax" in beeswax, candle wax, etc. Many people write it as sát nhập -> wrong).
  • Han in hỏi han
  • Cộ in xe cộ

Learning about them is really interesting.


Tran Van HaiNam, would have been helpful if you'd said the meaning of the words! You know many, if not most, of us learning VN are not native speakers!


I agree, many people say "sát nhập" (including me, a native speaker.)


‘Sea dog’ meaning ‘seal’ also exists in other languages, e.g. Dutch zeehund and Hebrew כֶּלֶב־יָם kèlev yám.


In Dutch "zeehond". "Hund" is German.


giraffe = long neck deer (hươu cao cổ)

panda = bamboo bear (gấu trúc)


Yes a reference to the disgusting shark fin industry. Sad reflection on humanity


wow, this is a sentence i hope i never have cause to use!!!


This has been one of the most fun discussions! I love word etymology.


So, there is a turtle symbol on this question which supposedly will slow down the speaker of the phrase...but as in ALL the other cases, it does not slow it down at all. What is the point?

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