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Anyone else think the Vietnamese audio lessons are too fast?

it seems as though more than half the course i've done so far have very fast audio in the practice section. It could just be me, but the audio skips a lot of the pronunciation. I can take that same sentence over to google translate which uses the automated text-to-speech program and sounds way better and easy to learn. I was always under the impression that northern dialect used more pronunciation and that's why all 6 tones are used. Apparently, its possible to slow down the audio on duolingo but its not working, must be because its new? I would understand if it was later in the course the audio was fast, but not in the beginning where your trying to learn the basics. Hopefully they can fix it as i love using duolingo.

June 2, 2016

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I agree with you. The audio did not meet my expectation in the beginning but it would cost Duolingo more to re-record so it was not possible. Additionally, since this is live-recording audio, it is not feasible to slow it down as they did with TTS audio. In the future, they may or may not change/improve this current condition. I really have no control over this.

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