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invitation deleted by accident

Hi, My invitation was deleted by a friend as he thought it was spam. Now his email is blocked to send another invitation. Is there still a possibility for him to use that email-adress or does he have to use another one? Thanks for an answer!

June 11, 2012



you can try with a +1 before the @ symbol, so, e.g. if your friends email address is friend@gmail.com, you can try friend+1@gmail.com


Normally deleted mails are first moved into trash or a deleted mails folder before they are definitely deleted. There he should undelete it. If not, I think you have to send an invitation to another email-adress.


oh really? that is interesting! I have to try that. :) luckily I had one invitation left and finally I used another email of him... but really... I have to check this +1 thing. =) @kizZa, it was already deleted completely... we used the other address. thx 4 ur help guys!

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