"Pamiętaj o robieniu notatek!"

Translation:Remember about taking notes!

June 3, 2016

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This sentence sounds like the speaker is asking someone to remember having taken notes in the past, but my sense is it means "remember to take notes". Can this go either way in Polish? Though the former is a pretty strange thing to say.


Grammatically it alows for both interpretations, although in this example it surely would be pretty strange. To make it unambiguous abot "remember to take notes!" you can say "Pamiętaj, żeby (z)robić notatki!"

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"Remember about taking notes" is grammatically clumsy. Certainty that is not used in ordinary conversations and a student would be marked wrong if that is expressed in written form. You can "remember to" do something or be "reminded to" do something or be "reminded of," or" about" something. But not "remember about." It may be allowed in other languages but that is not a very sound expression in English language.


Having discussed it further, we're going to delete this sentence from the course.

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