"The girl is eating rice."

Translation:Das Mädchen isst Reis.

January 28, 2013

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Am I the only one who wants some sort of faster way to type in the special characters? Maybe press control+base letter, so that ctrl+a=ä. I don't know, I just think it would be easier.


If you have a Mac (at least Lion or higher, can't remember if Snow Leopard can do it) when I hold down "a", I get the option to choose ä. Same way an iPhone does it.


my trick is " then a to get ä. same goes for ü and ö


Pressing alt+132 - ä - works for me, not sure if it works for everyone. Others are alt+148 - ö , alt+129 - ü , alt+225 - ß . Capitals are : alt+142 - Ä , alt+153 - Ö , alt+154 - Ü.

I have a list stuck above my PC with all the special characters for different languages - much quicker than pressing the button and if you use them often enough you can do it without having to look.


This should work in all Windows computers. Note that there's a second set of numbers that should work as well: Alt+0228 > ä, Alt+0246 > ö, Alt+0252 > ü. In both cases, you'll need to use your number keypad, not the numbers above your letter keys---welcome to the magical World of Windows.

If you ever forget the numbers, open Character Map (at least pre-Windows 8, should be in Program Files > Accessories, or possibly Accessories > System Tools, or you can just do Start > Run... > "charmap"). Once you find the character you want, look to the lower right corner of the window, and you should find a "Keystroke: " tip.

On Macs, it's much easier: press Option+u, then the letter to get the umlauted vowel; option+e, e for é, etc. I think ß is Option+s, but don't quote me on that.

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