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  5. "I believe I am right."

"I believe I am right."

Translation:Dw i'n credu mod i'n iawn.

June 3, 2016



"Dw i'n credu mod i'n iawn" - So iawn can mean "right" as well as "very" and "fine"?

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Which seems a bit confusing doesn't it.

However it is only 'very' with a noun, eg da iawn; mawr iawn etc

On its own it conveys a general positivity, which can be translated into numerous words in English depending on the context.

Sut dych chi? Iawn diolch - How are you? Fine thanks.

Atebais i'r cwestiwn yn iawn - I answered the question ok.

Sut aeth y daith? Yn iawn, diolch - How did the journey go? Well thanks.


(Note in the first example there should be a 'yn' before the iawn but it gets dropped in speech)


Thank you! Now I think about it, I suppose that (apart from the 'very' meaning) iawn covers a lot of the same bases as English "okay", which can also tend towards "right" as well as "good".

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