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"Do't ti ddim am yfed y lemonêd."

Translation:You did not want to drink the lemonade.

June 3, 2016



"You did not want to drink the lemonade" Where is the "want" here? "Am" I suppose, but that's a preposition, right? If you left out the "am" would it mean "You were drinking lemonade"?


This construction with the preposition am is an idiomatic way of saying 'want to'.

Without am, it would mean 'you were not drinking lemonade', or 'you used not to drink lemonade'.


Thanks, that's helpful - I see now I forgot about the negative.

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In this sentence 'am' is expressing 'wanting' so literally it would be 'You were not wanting to drink the lemonade'

For the sentence 'You were not drinking lemonade' you would need to replace the 'am' with the usual 'yn' connector.

Do't ti ddim yn yfed y lemonêd

For the positive 'You were drinking lemonade' you would use:-

Ro't ti'n yfed y lemonêd


Thank you - so I think the penny is dropping for me both about "am", and about this"yn" which has been a bit of a mystery to me from the beginning. Can you use am in the present? "Dw i am yfed" - "I want to drink"?


Yes, dw i am yfed is an idiomatic way of saying 'I want to drink'.

yn has several uses. This may help - https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13844144


Cool cool cool, I get it, hooray! Your other post is really useful. I now totally see the point of "yn", and why "am" means what it does here. Are there any other prepositions you can use with verbs to express other meanings? EDIT: I know there's wedi...


There are several such expressions - too many to explain them all here! Some use prepositions, others use adverbs. There may be others already in the course, or which can be added in the future.

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