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"Nhà ấy ba phòng tắm hai nhà bếp."

Translation:Her house has three bathrooms and two kitchens.

June 3, 2016



Houses are an exception to the của rule like family members?


I would say that if the noun is only one word like "Nhà", it's safe to exclude "của." So it's "áo tôi" (my shirt) instead of "áo của tôi", "phòng tôi" (my room) instead of "phòng của tôi."


“Baths” can be used in place of “bathrooms”; please change to accept.


Why is the word "house" added in front of "kitchen"??


When describing real estate Americans generally say "bath" instead of "bathrooms" as in "the house has three baths and four bedrooms."


In Australia, we would generally say "bathrooms" rather than a "bath" in this situation. I suspect UK would be the same.


Why the -3? What I said is true. "Three baths and two kitchens" is a perfectly normal way to describe real estate here. I didn't say "bathrooms" is wrong


Dunno about the -3 ... I agree with you ... Nothing wrong with how it is said in USA, Australia, UK or anywhere else. It is whatever it is. I just tried elevating the score and moved it up 1 to minus 2. Certainly, I have no problem with you comment.

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