A suggestion for Duolingo to improve on the rate of learning

Hi Duolingo,

Firstly, thank you for this wonderful site, I am really enjoying learning new languages, and can't wait for when you add Japanese.

I have a suggestion, that would make learning a new language a bit easier. I am currently busy learning french, and in french some letters are silent, and the pronunciation is sometimes very difficult to keep up with.

Therefore, may I suggest adding to additional visual ques? The first would help with the pro|nun|ci|a|tion, sim|ply by de|fi|ning the syl|la|bles as I did in this sen|tence.

The second is to strike-through the silent letters, which I am unable to demonstrate.

You could include this as a optional extra, so not everyone sees it all the time, just when you need it :)

June 3, 2016


Hello! Wonderful idea! But could you change the topic to 'Duolingo?' It's a much broader category and more people are willing to see it :)

June 3, 2016

great idear i get that with the german audio as well

June 3, 2016

That would be good to understand how it is spoken, but won't help you when you are trying to read French.

June 5, 2016

Dictionaries have a standard pronunciation guide- which does not take long to learn. So I think a better suggestion would be to add the correct pronunciation in brackets when you look up the definition of the word.

June 5, 2016
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