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  5. "I had salad for supper."

"I had salad for supper."

Translation:Mi ges i salad i swper.

June 3, 2016



Should it not be 'mi ges i?


There are several valid options here:

  • ces i... - the unmutated form.
  • mi ges i... or fe ges i... - the mutated form following mi/fe affirmative particles still commonly used in some areas.
  • ges i... - the mutated form which has kept the mutation despite the mi/fe particle not actually being there. This is in common use all over Wales in the colloquial language.

The particle mi... is particularly common in front of affirmative verbs in north-west Wales, for example.

The mutated verb-forms of cael in the past tense such as ges i, gaeth hi, gaethoch chi and so on are very widely used all over Wales, even without the mi/fe in front of them. (So are the mutated forms of gwneud in both the past and future tenses, such as wnes i, wnaeth hi, wna i, wnawn ni, etc.)


Thank you. Very helpful.

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