"Not a lemon nor an orange"

Translation:Dim lemon nac oren

June 3, 2016

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Is nac the negative form of ac or a?


(This sentence has actually been deleted from the course, although it does not seem to have vanished yet)

na, nac is variously used as 'nor', 'no' and as other negatives (some are beyond the current scope of this course):

  • Welais i na chi nac arth ddoe - I saw neither a dog nor a bear yesterday
  • Wnei di brynu car newydd yfory? Na wna, does dim arian gen i. - Will you buy a new car tomorrow? No, I won't, I haven't any money.
  • Ga i siocled? Na chei! - Can I have some chocolate? No you can't!
  • Dych chi'n oer? Nac ydyn - Are you cold? No we aren't
  • Heb os nac oni bai - an idiom meaning 'without doubt', 'no ifs or buts', 'no ifs or maybes'
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