"To jest dom."

Translation:This is a house.

June 3, 2016

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Is there any distinction between house and home?


Not in Polish, not.


Distinction between 'house' and 'home.' This is a part of language that reinforces Frost's comment: "Poetry is what is lost in translation." This also makes looking at different languages interesting and cultural. For example in the culture I have grown up in (I am in my 80s) home is not a place and a house is. And the only people I have known that equate the two words are realtors. And is clear in Polish a distinction between your house and home is not made. This summer, for example, I plan to go home to a place where I do not live now, yet I call it my true home. No wonder languages are fun. Nick


There is a very food TedTalk on youtube, titled something like "how languages shape the wat we think" (or maybe "how languages shape the way we see the world")

This specific TedTalk os not about the scientific benefits/new neuro pathways of learning a new language (thats a whole other VERY deep and interesting topic).

But no, this video is about how it depending on vocab etc, how it shapes the way we view the world.

Your comment reminded me of that video. You should check it out cos seems like you've already touched upon the idea on your comment. :))

I speak 4 languages (7 if you include regional dialects) and I can honestly say that I think differently in them. It really is like as if my personality changes.

Cant wait til I can speak polish someday.

I've been learning for 4/5 weeks now and, instead of getting frustrated at how anyone during a light conversation would ever know the difference between " I saw a man" and "I saw the man", I try to shape the way I think. Obviously polish people must think differently cos I would be extremely frustrated if I wanted to tell someone "he eats fruit" and they thought it means "he is eating fruit" Argh!!!

Or "She had cooked dinner" being confused with "She cooked dinner", or even "She was cooking dinner".

Will just have to rewire my brain and view the world differently


To jest dom means both "this is a house" and "this is the house", right ?


Technically yes, but for 'the house' often it would make more sense to say 'ten dom' (this house, this house that we were talking about, etc.)


thanks for your answer. I was a bit confused about how to express those both things in polish, which have different meanings .But I gess I got it now, even though I still have to get a feeling for that, that´s the challenge :)

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