"Moim hobby jest taniec."

Translation:My hobby is dancing.

June 3, 2016

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Why is ‘moim’ instrumental here?


It's like saying "This is..." expect the word order is reversed here. You can say:

  • Taniec to moje hobby = Moje hobby to taniec. (to + nominative),

  • Taniec jest moim hobby = Moim hobby jest taniec. (jest + instrumental).

You should be already familiar with these two forms of the sentences on the left (This is... construction in Polish). I can explain it briefly if you are not.


I suppose it makes sense but I don’t get why reverse it like that. Also, doesn’t hobby decline?


No, it's the same in every case, both for singular and plural (Moje hobby to taniec i muzyka).


The inversion is usually used to stress the word, in this case hobby. Here, however, it rather changes the meaning somehow. You can compare it with Dancing is my hobby vs My hobby is dancing. I think the difference in meaning is almost the same in both languages.


Bo "taniec jest moim hobby" :D Moim hobby is in the instrumental case, but the order was switched, that's all :)


Hobby chyba nie powinno być czytane przez takie twarde y :D


Uroki TTS :/ Dobrze, że "menu" czyta jak należy... chyba.


Could it be translated as "My hobby is to dance?"


Well, changing a noun to a verb in infinitive seems a bit too much.


Can you say 'moje hobby to taniec?'


Hm... Actually the equivalent of "Moim hobby jest taniec" would be "Taniec to moje hobby", because the object is "moim hobby" (instrumental case).

If you say it the other way round, it will sound like you just have one hobby, which is dancing. However, to be fair, this is exactly how the main English answer sounds like...

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