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"Dewch â dau lasied o win coch i mi os gwelwch chi'n dda."

Translation:Give me two glasses of rea wine please.

June 3, 2016



‘Dewch â ... i ...’ is not given a proper translation in the dictionary, 2016-06-03


You will probably find dod â somewhere under dod - try gweiadur.com.

  • dod â - bringing
  • mynd â - taking

  • Bydda i'n mynd â fy nghi i'r dafarn - I'll take my dog to the pub

  • Ac wedyn bydda i'n dod â fe adre eto - And then I'll bring him home again


‘Rea wine’?...


This is a sentence that has been deleted from the course but which has not yet vanished.

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