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"Hesten, elefanten og bjørnen er markedet."

Translation:The horse, the elephant, and the bear are at the fair.

June 3, 2016


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Duo, you can't leave out the punch line.


Stop me if you've heard this one.


Are you're a poet and you didn't know it!


I think market might be more correct in modern English.

[deactivated user]


    Is it not called fun fair? Instead of fun market? I see your point also though.


    I can't get enough of these crazy Danish animals........they crack me up!!!


    "På markedet" could also translate to "on the market". Meaning being for sale. But it marks it wrong. How do we differentiate between the two?


    "på markedet" in regards to being for sale is generally about houses/buildings (property). If talking animals you would say they were for sale (var til salg), therefore the sentence above is about an actual market/fair.


    All black and brown and covered in hair :-)


    ..... to buy some special beers


    "the fair" and "the market" are different places in english, unless this is an amercanism I'm unfamiliar with? In danish is markedet the one is where you'd go to for a date (has rides and stuff) or the other to buy groceries? Both?


    In Danish "markedet" is the open air gathering of people selling their vegetables, fish, meats, crafts etc.


    i see, thank you!


    So what do the Danish call a "fair" (with roundabouts, bouncy castles, dodgems, coconut shies, fortune telling etc)?


    I'm not familiar with all the things you are mentioning, but we have traveling carnevals we call "tivoli" that fulfil some of this. They will set up shop at fx town celebrations (byfester) especially if it is a big one. A tivoli is mostly rides though, like carousels/roundabouts and bumper cars etc

    I checked my dictionary and it does also translate "fair" to "marked", so I guess it is regional what you expect out of a fair. The "tivoli" thing will show up at "markets" if they are big enough or stretches out for days, but the "market" on the town square saturday morning wouldn't really.

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