"He and she"

Translation:On i ona

June 3, 2016

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Shouldn't the english be him and her? He and she doesn't sound right


No, 'he and she' are equivalent to 'On i ona'. They are all pronouns, the subjects of the sentence, we just don't tend to use 'He and she' as a phrase very much. So:

  • He and she are tall - On i ona są wysocy.

'Him and her' would be equivalent to 'go i ją' (direct objects) or 'jemu i jej' (indirect objects):

  • We see him and her - Widzimy go i ją.
  • We give it to him and her - Dajemy to jemu i jej.

I agree, though, that they all sound a bit peculiar in English, because we'd usually use 'they' or 'them' in all those sentences.


This ain't English

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