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Duolingo Firefox?

Can't seem to access Duolingo through Firefox. Any reasons why this might be happening?

January 27, 2014



Thanks for the link, I lost my damn streak because I thought the site was being updated...


Yeah that sucks. The streak is evil in my mind's eye. It gives us something of no value but we feel a sense of lost at losing it.


I lost mine on new years. I literally shouted "Happy new yearssss... oh COME ON!"


I have a white page when using Duolingo with Firefox 65.0.2 and Windows 10. Duolingo still works OK with Microsoft Edge and with Firefox 65.0.2 on a Unix machine. Works on my Android Phone too. Windows 10 was recently Updated, Adobe was Updated and Firefox was updated all at the same time that I started to have the problem. Any Ideas?

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