"Ile zarabiasz?"

Translation:How much do you earn?

June 3, 2016

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Just curious, would this be considered impolite unless in a certain context. In the states, most people don't want to reveal what they earn.


Same here, I would say.


It's the same in Germany, although it's much of a taboo, people do not like to talk about their earnings as they either fear shame or to spark jealousy amongst their peers. It's still even discussed if bosses should disclose every employees' pay check to other employees to increase transparency in salaries, to display equality between men and women.


What about "How much do you make?"?


Wouldn't it have to be "How much money do you make?", then? Because you can make pancakes, or little toy racing cars... or maybe it's already good enough in English, I guess that'd need an answer from a native.


English native speaker here: "How much do you make" is pretty much always understood to be talking about financial earnings, unless you were specifically talking about pancakes or toy cars already... and even then I would probably assume someone was asking how much money I make from selling my pancakes or toy cars. Additionally, for it to be refering to something else, the question would almost always have to be "How many do/did you make?", since most things are countable nouns, unlike money which is classified as uncountable and therefore uses the question word "how much."


Very true about much/many. OK, so if that's really clear enough, then I will report it.


Just like many Polish sayings, it's the common way to translate it to English


I don't know about other countries, but here in the United States people will go on public television discuss family fights, sex and and other private aspects of their personal lives. Ask them about what they earn and they act as if you implied they were born illegitimate. It never ceases to amaze me that this is the most private aspect of their lives.


Well, some situations can be explained by terms of employment contract, they might me strict rules prohibiting you from saying how much do you earn.


My first response was 'What do you earn?' To me that's just as common as 'How much do you earn?'


We use how much do you make in the states, it's a given that we mean money, no one in manufacturing can keep track of how many items they make or handle, I GE aircraft I handled thousands of parts a shift.


In this case privacy has nothing to do with it, we Americans are not too bright when it comes to our personal lives. Actually the real reason is, it's a social taboo here. Hypocrisy rules, you claim to be a billionaire or some other outright prevarication.


To było ostatnio pytanie w ich pierwszego spotkania tinderem...


"To było ostatnie pytanie na ich pierwszym spotkaniu (pierwszej randce) z tindera"

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