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  5. Just got the 2.0 tree.


Just got the 2.0 tree.

I was closing in on finishing the 1.0 tree (only a handful of lessons left) but today I got the 2.0 update.

It scares the hell out of me because practically everything has gone from gold to lessons uncompleted. Feels like I have to start over again.

The way I progressed was only starting new lessons/chapters with everything on full strength and mostly just 50 xp per day. Looks like I have to crank it up now, because it'll take a really long time if I just do 5 lessons a day AND keep everything at full strength.

On the other hand I am hyped, because the new tree looks so very good. More spread out skills and everything!

Just wanted to share...

June 3, 2016


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I really appreciate what Norwegian Duolingo Team does. Just got this update and I love it. Some of the new unlocked lessons contain answers to the questions I was asking when they occurred. For me in particular it was a pleasant surprise and the fact that I have to get back to some previous lessons does not upset me at all. On the contrary I still get easily lost in Norwegian prepositions, still need to take some time before I can say aloud any sentence with dependent clauses, still cannot understand the most of any Norwegian song or any Norwegian youtube channel. So the more practice the better and I'm glad you guys give me that. Thanks a lot!

June 3, 2016


Can't type more, have to run around the yard because of my excitement. I had given up hope of Christmas arriving, and then it showed up anyway. :)


Oh boy. I even counted how many days will it take to finish a the 1.0 tree if I do a new lesson every day. Now I had to do Basics 2 again. But I'm simply loving this new tree, even if it'll probably take the full summer to finish. Congratulations to the admins. <3


Yes, I feel the same way. Excitement because there is a lot to learn! It's way better this way just a lot more work as well (which will pay off in the end, I am sure!)

I wonder what the biggest, most advanced course is here on Duolingo. The Norwegian course sure looks fleshed out.


I got the 2.0 version this morning.

And it looks so.. inspiring!

(I don't know, who I need to say thanks to, but THANK YOU!)

(p.s. my 1.0 course was completed by 36%. Now it is 24%. And I decided to continue learning Norwegian only yesterday, I choosed the textbook! And this textbook looks so interesting, so probably I will study Norwegian whole the day and tommorow I will study whole the day.. until I complete the new tree :) )


I was a day away from finishing the tree. I'm going to really push today and catch up to where I was in the tree.


Hooray, so have I! And 2 days after I finished the old one; that was jolly good timing.

I must say, it looks very good!


Oh my dear Xianghua, there it is xD. Time for Norwegian marathons.


I have the 2.0 tree! I am incredibly grateful to the Norwegian Duolingo team for their continued dedication and hard work. It's their efforts that have made learning Norwegian so much fun for so many people!


This looks awesome. The first tree was already massive, but the new one looks even bigger.


Could I see a picture..? I don't really understand this 2.0 tree thing.


http://i.imgur.com/q02k3WH.png On the right was my 1.0 tree, on the left you can see my current 2.0 tree.

A lot of new chapters/stuff changed up and rearranged, luckily progress carries over. Most categories higher up only need 1 extra lesson and a lot of it is repeating what you already know.

The "riv" is just rest in peace in Dutch, I shared it with some others.


First of all, thank you Norwegian Duolingo Team, for working on the updates, it must have been a great challenge. I am really happy to learn new things, but I have the same feelings and "problems" as the OP. I've been learning the same way: keeping everything golden and moving on when I felt I was ready. I am not as close to the finish as him/her, but I am on level 14. And besides, my biggest concern is that I've been writing (literally) everything down in a notebook -in a small book actually- from the very beginning, and now I have no space to write and complete the former lessons. What should I do now??? :((( :D But please don't get me wrong, I am really glad for the updates and all the new phrases, I am just suffering from a light shock. It'll pass :)


Thanks to the Norwegian Team at Duolingo for your hard work, dedication and help along the way, You have made me so happy! I have learned more on Duo, with the help of the community and the links you have provided to news-sites, youtube channels and other learning website than in my years of taking a foreign language at school. It is exciting to be learning something new- even if so many of my friends and family think I am crazy....they say, " Don't you know, the Norwegian speak English? What are you doing?" As if I did not know, lol, I just can not stop my love for all things Norsk! Jeg er hjemme her!


Actually it will not take you that much to finish the tree because the lessons themselves got shorter and topics more evenly distributed, so for those who were about to finish the tree it would be more brushing up. But of course still a great new load of new words, but fitted in familiar topics. So cheer up and dig into it, it's awesome!


I love the new tree but is there a reason for the final part of the tree containing now a crazy amount of skills compared to the other parts?

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The checkpoints are fixed, so we can't move them to suit the length of the tree.


I believe we can write a ticket for that for Tree 3.0, but it's not a high concern.


If I purchase a test from the lingot store will it test me on the new language too?

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It will test you on content from the new course, yes.


I'm loving the new tree, having put some time into it. Everything is much more nicely distributed, it's also a Lingot farm as you can blaze through the parts you need to revisit but you still get the 2 Lingots on completion!


I feel similarly. It's probably good in the long run, but oh god now I have to redo a bunch of stuff


I've been lucky enough to have the new tree for a few weeks now, and my poor discipline in using Duolingo isn't doing it justice :) a massive thanks to all the course admins for their huge effort in making this possible. Some changes in the new tree have been much appreciated, like starting to learn numbers much earlier now.


Wasn't anywhere near finished with 1.0 but 2.0 looks super exciting, seeing those new lessons actually got me inspired to learn more. Great job team!


Is anyone else finding they have to repeat a lot of sentences they'd already done in the 1.0 tree? Even in different 2.0 lessons I'm finding the same sentences come up that I've just done in the previous 2.0 lesson :-S

Still trying to get to where I was in the old tree - 2/3 of the way there!

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