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"Эта книга ещё пустая, я пишу её сам."

Translation:This book is still blank, I am writing it myself.

June 3, 2016



Why is "I am writing it myself" wrong?


Report it. I suspect that it really ought to be the suggested translation.


It is still wrong. Reported.


Argh. As a native Russian speaker, what does this sentence mean to you? Does it sound purely figurative, or is it likely to be about a physical notebook?


It sounds figurative to me. Пустая книга sounds to me like the book of unwritten destiny. Maybe it's just my personal association. It turns out less figuratively if to write so: Эта книга еще не написана, [но /и / ]я пишу ее.


Пустая litetally means empty, and I've never heard of it being used in a context to talk about a blank book....


Super interesting, thanks! With the "Эта книга еще не написана" version, you'd have in mind something like an as-yet-unwritten novel that a would-be author has conceived of? Or more like a тетрадь in which nothing has yet been written?


With the "Эта книга еще не написана" version, you'd have in mind something like an as-yet-unwritten novel that a would-be author has conceived of?

Yes exactly.

Or more like a тетрадь in which nothing has yet been written?

In this case I would write something like that:

  • В этой книге/тетради ничего не написано. In this book/ledger/notebook nothing is written.
  • В этой тетради ничего не записано. In this notebook nothing is written down.

Super interesting, thanks!

You're welcome :)


What does this mean? Is it about an empty notebook? Or is it something like, "I am writing the (figurative) book of my life - which has unlimited possibilities (i.e. it's blank)."

[deactivated user]

    This sentence sounds weird


    I don't understand the English translation.


    I think that the future tense is implied here, as is often the case in Russian (and we often complain about how we are to know it's supposed to be future tense). A better translation would be, "This book is still blank; I will write it myself." That will make sense in English. ;-) I will report it.

    For those confused about the meaning of the sentence, they're talking about a blank journal or diary. Пустая книга may sound odd in English, since we have more specific words for such a thing, but certainly we know what a "blank book" is, even if it's not something we'd normally say. It's just one of those things that's sometimes awkward to translate.


    I suspect you're right. However, I don't think (and searching Multitran doesn't cause me to question) that "книга" is a common way to refer to journals, diaries, or notebooks. I'm suspecting that choice is wrought of the vocabulary constraints of the Duolingo system. Of course, if you know differently, I'll stand corrected.


    Well, certainly there are other words for things like diary (дневник), journal (журнал, although this also means 'newspaper'), and notebook (блокнот). Perhaps Duo wanted to avoid introducing a new word that isn't commonly used or might be confusing: журнал would certainly have been even more confusing in this context than книга is (I can just see people asking, "an empty newspaper?"), even though the English word "journal" fits our expectations better. Perhaps Duo wanted us to know just how elastic the definition of книга can be; after all, all of these things still fall into the generic category of books. It's even possible they meant it as a metaphysical sort of Book of My Life, as has already been suggested above. Or, maybe it's a bit of all three.

    At any rate, I suspect that's something a native speaker or DL volunteer can tell us fairly easily, and since I am neither (and I'm guessing you're not either), perhaps we should hope that one of said will happen by and see this thread, and help us out by commenting on it. :-)


    The 'y' sound before the я make it sound like an и before it.


    При озвучивании предложения четко слышно букву И, в текстовой версии она отсутствует."Эта книга ещё пустая И я пишу её сам" Исправьте пожалуйста.


    The written version is the original. There's hardly anything that can be done about text-to-speech rendering issues :(


    This sentence... does not make sense.


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    Native English speaker: This is a very odd sentence.

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