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  5. "Él tiene la escalera."

"Él tiene la escalera."

Translation:He has the ladder.

June 3, 2016



A good way to remember is: "Escalera" sounds like "escalate " so when you climb up the ladder/stairs, you are escalating. :} hope this helps somebody! :D


A way to remember is: "escalera" sounds kind of like "escalate". So, when you are climbing up the ladder, you are escalating.


Why is "He has a ladder" wrong


"He has a ladder." is wrong because Duolingo has "Él tiene la escalera.", and 'la' means 'the' not 'a'. Hope this helps! :D


how would you say: " he holds the ladder" ?


Él sostiene la escalera.


You could also say "Él lleva la escalera" if he was carrying the ladder somewhere instead of just holding it.


I said he has a ladder? Am i the only one?


It should be he has THE ladder, because la means the, not a.


¡Lo necesito! ¡Dámelo!


We wouldn't say 'he has the staircase in English' it sounds wrong. We would say'he takes the stairs' or 'he has a staircase' [presumably in his house].


Yes, in English "he has the staircase" is not something anyone would say but that is not what this sentence means. While escalera could mean "stairs" or "staircase," the correct sentence is "he has the ladder," and the reason for this is context. Almost all of Spanish, and almost any other language for that matter, is contextual. You can see these context clues being put into effect when I say the sentence "Yo hago la cama." The correct translation of this sentence is "I make the bed," and not "I do the bed," even though hacer means "to make" and "to do." The pure reason for it not meaning do in this sentence is because context tells otherwise, and that is why in this sentence, "escalera" means ladder, because using general knowledge, with the exception of hellocma's situation, one cannot have a staircase, but they can have a ladder.


Actually, the other day my brother did have the staircase. We were putting damp proofing in the basement and we went to dismantle the staircase to get full access to the wall it was touching. Surprisingly to us, it was only fixed in with two bolts and the whole staircase moved away from the wall as a unit.


'He has the stair' should also be accepted, since 'escalera' also means 'stair'.


I dont know if any of you are having the same problem, but it keeps telling me I'm wrong when I'm right. I know I'm correct because it clearly says I'm right as I'm writing what it says is the correct answer.


I gave the same answer as above, yet was rejected


I put ladder because that is the translation


Welp now i know who to call if i need a ladder


This is "he has the ladder" but I think I've answered "he takes the stairs" 20 times by now...


I think of escalera more like stairs.


In a general way, how do you distinguish between stairway and ladder.


What's with the whispering of half of the sentence, DL?


I got just la rong

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