"Kiedy jest twoja wizyta?"

Translation:When is your appointment?

June 3, 2016

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Why not: When is your visit?


Would it be really used exactly like that, when the visit in mention is a visit at your grandparents' house? It seems kinda weird to me, although I may be wrong.

Because I don't think an appointment with a dentist, or a school headmaster, or a lawyer could be called 'a visit'.


I thought that "visit" corresponds to "wizyta" and "spotkanie" translates to "meeting/appointment".

I am not sure about the meaning of this sentence in Polish. How can I apply it? Is it something like "Kiedy jest twoja wizyta u lekarza?" ?

Visit/appointment usage also depends on context: https://goo.gl/nSRFpT For lawyers situation is different.


After giving it more thought, maybe 'spotkanie' really takes most of the appointments (and definitely meetings), but at least with all types of doctors "wizyta" seems to me like the most, if not the only, natural choice. Spotkanie z lekarzem would sound to me as if you were going to a restaurant together.

Yes, your Polish question is alright. I myself would ask "Kiedy będziesz miał wizytę" - "When will you have the... visit/appointment".

Oh, I'm also reporting your version because I'm now persuaded that it should be correct.


Thanks a lot, now everything is clear.


so you think that "when is your visit?" is correct, right? it still gets marked as invalid.


Translating "appointment" to "wizyta" is some kind of mental shortcut. What you actually have is an appointment for a visit, but somehow the visit has been swallowed by the appointment.


It is correct. Please report it next time.


Still not accepting "When is your next visit?"


There's no "next" in the Polish sentence.


Mój błąd! Dziękuję!


It is worth noting that in spoken Polish you would rather say "Kiedy masz wizytę?", literally "When do you have (your) appointment?" Another version: "Na kiedy masz wizytę?" (literally: For when do you have (your) appointment).

This sentence feels a bit unnatural and sounds like a direct translation of the English sentence.


I think this sentence is okayish but your variants are better. "kiedy masz" worked already, I added the one with "na kiedy".


I typed "When's your appointment?" and it took it as wrong. Why? I think there is no difference.


Such contractions like "When is -> When's" aren't among the automatically accepted ones, and people rarely report those. But sure, added now.

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