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  5. "Jaki jest stan pacjenta?"

"Jaki jest stan pacjenta?"

Translation:What is the condition of the patient?

June 3, 2016



What is the state of the patient? Perhaps not that common but this seems to be correct, isn't it?


Arizona (he he he)

Seems correct, reported it.


'What is the patient condition?' isn't correct?


I think I would typically ask "How is the patient's condition?" (though I understand the grammatical difference between jaki adj. and jak adv.).


Hmmm... okay, I'll believe you, added ;)


How would one say, for example, "the patient is in a bad condition"? That is, (a) would the preposition in this case be 'w', and the case of 'stan' change to locative, (b) if not, what would it be, and (c) what's the locative of 'stan' anyway - 'staniu'?


Probably: Pacjent jest w złym stanie (litteral but sounds normal)

„stan” - state/condition: stan, stanu, stanowi, stan, stanem, stanie, stanie
„Stan” - proper name: Stan, Stana, Stanowi, Stana, Stanem, Stanie, Stanie

stanie - standing (gerund in both languages) - stanie, stania, staniu, stanie, staniem, staniu, stanie

There is a classic joke with „stan”:

  • Stefan miał wypadek w Ameryce (Stefan had an accident while being in America)
  • W jakim jest stanie?
  • W Arizonie.


Why does "status" of the patient not work?


And how about 'What state is the patient in', or would you prefer us to be more literal?


Yeah, we'd prefer the literal translation as long as the alternative translates easily - and it does: "W jakim stanie jest pacjent?".


For fairness' sake, "What is the patient's condition?" translation should've also been possible. "What is the condition of the patient?" doesn't quite sound English.


"What is the patient's condition" was accepted for me but the suggested answer is also perfectly natural English.

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